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Citing Resources: Citing Resources for PBL

Citing Resources for PBL

It is recommended that you cite each resource you use for your Learning Need correctly. Utilize the resources listed here in order to create your bibliographies. PBL Facilitators generally will not require you to use a particular citation style, but they do ask that you select a citation style and use it consistently. Some may ask you to annotate your bibliographies/citations with information regarding how you searched for a particular article or book.

Another tip: These e-book collections will automatically generate a citation for you:

Access Medicine, R2 Library (Rittenhouse), Stat!Ref

For ClinicalKey, use the citation style of your choice.

In PubMed, use the citation style of your choice.

**Use Google to search for how to cite LexiComp and UpToDate.

If you are still having difficulty citing resources, please contact your Librarian

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